our wedding party

Kolby's attendants
  • Rachel Richardson, Maid Of Honor
    Rachel and Kolby have been friends for five years now. They lived together for three years at Conestoga College. While living together, Kolby met Ethan. Rachel and Kolby both studied the same program(s). They had unrealistic dreams to open up a business so that they could "craft" together forever.

    Rachel, thank you for reminding me time and time again that everything was going to be OK. You are such a close, sweet and supportive friend. And here we are today; we survived many things one would only experience when living with someone else... we've done it all! I seriously couldn't do this without you!

  • Rebecca Peers, Bridesmaid
    Rebecca and Kolby have been friends for 15 years now. For the majority of their childhood they lived on the same street, walked to school together and rarely spent time apart in the evenings. Any excuse to hangout was good enough for them!

    Becca-boos! Through all our ups and downs we have been inseparable. There aren't many childhood memories that don't include you! My Dad once told me, "There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will." And you my friend, always will! I love you like a sister and am so blessed to have you in my life!

  • Ailish Wade, Bridesmaid
    Ailish and Kolby have known each other for nearly 12 years. It wasn't until High School that they became best friends. Kolby spent nearly every weekend she could at the Wade residence. Ailish's family quickly became like family to Kolby. A weekend together consisted of: a four pack of coolers, an Ailish-Mickey and unnecessary shopping.

    A-Wade, A-wiz or just simply - Ailish, I love you! Thank you for all the advice you have given me when I have needed it most. You are my secret sharer, fashion consultant and partner in crime! I am so thankful to have such a wonderful friend like you!

  • Cindy Woolner, Bridesmaid
    Cindy and Kolby have been friends for nearly 10 years. They met in grade nine gym. Over the years they have played hockey and field hockey together... or as Cindy would say, "Kolby more or less warmed the bench."

    Cindy-Lou, I am so excited to be sharing this journey with you! You are a very supportive, dedicated and honest friend. With the twists and turns in both of our lives, we have always managed to maintain that friendship that is so dear to both of us. Here's to being teammates for life, captain!

  • Christine Dobbie, Bridesmaid
    Chrisy is the wife of Ethan's best man. Kolby and Chrisy met in 2009 at Molly Blooms in Kitchener, ON. As Kolby's relationship progressed with Ethan, so did her friendship with Chrisy.

    Chrisy, I am so happy we met! I can't wait to see what the future holds for the four of us. It's going to be a blast having you live just around the corner! Lots of fun ahead! Ethan and I are so lucky to have friends like you and Jessy! Here's to being lifelong friends!

  • Ainsley Dodge, Bridesmaid
    Ainsley is Ethan's cousin. Kolby and Ainsley hit it off the first time Kolby was introduced to the family.

    Ainsley, not having a sister or a cousin close in age I am so thankful we met. Thank you for all of your help and advice in the last few years! I am so thrilled to have you stand next to me on the biggest day of my life! I can't wait to be family!!

  • Bella Holmes, Flower Girl
    Bella is Kolby's cousin. She is just over 2 years old. When Ethan and Kolby get married Bella will be nearly 3 and a half. Perfect age for a precious little flower girl!

Ethan's attendants
  • Jessy Zolnierczyk, Best Man
    Jessy and Ethan have been friends for nearly 13 years. They played soccer together in High School. They have worked together at various jobs growing up and are both currently employed at W.H. Reynolds.

    Jessy, there isn't anyone more suited to be my Best Man. Our annual runs need to now be more like bi-weekly so I can get into shape for the big day haha! Here's to you standing next to me on my wedding day! Allahu Akbar - Cheers, Bro!

  • Alex Thomson, Groomsman
    Alex is Kolby's younger Brother. Alex is currently attending Conestoga College for Welding Engineering. He currently works with Ethan at W.H. Reynolds.

    Alex, heres to dealing with KTBP together, forever!

  • Drew Gibson, Groomsman
    Drew is Ethan's cousin, currently living in Dubai, UAE. Drew spends his summers in Canada at his family cottage on Big Gull Lake in Perth, ON. Ethan could spend the entire summer on the water wake-boarding with Drew, if only life were that simple.

    Drew, I am so thrilled to have you stand next to me on the biggest day of my life! It is going to be awesome having you back in Canada for the next few years. Lots of fun ahead!!

  • Dan Dick, Groomsman
    Dan and Ethan have been friends for over 20 years. Both Dan and Ethan are honourable members of "The Dictators" (their childhood secret club). The 5 members of the club spent their time together strategically placing action figures on Main Street in Cambridge, ON for transport trucks to destroy. When supervised, the boys enjoyed camping at Pinehurst with Dan's father, Mike Dick.

    Dan, there aren't many childhood memories that don't include you. Let's see what havoc we can get ourselves into in the next 20 years!

  • James Sera, Groomsman
    James is Ethan's close friend from High School. They were both members of the band Paschendale The night Ethan met Kolby, James was the first to buy her a drink. He has been a great friend to both of them ever since.

    Hey James, feel free to buy Kolby a drink anytime! Your enthusiasm about being in my wedding party was priceless, it's going to be awesome having you as a groomsman.

  • Mike Richardson, Groomsman
    Mike is the husband of Kolby's maid of honour. Mike and Ethan have been friends for four years now. As Ethan's relationship progressed with Kolby, so did his friendship with Mike.

    Mike, I am so pumped to have you stand up for me. Thanks for all the great laughs and awesome times together. Looking forward to sharing the day with you!

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